Saturday, June 16, 2007

I had a voice class with Mark Hellman on Wednesday, the first in a long, long while. Just a little refresher to begin with. The old "engage the body" thing. Becoming aware of my breathing (which really needs some work), loosening up, et cetera.

I did notice one thing in particular. When I tried to exhale long "f" or "v" sounds, they're not quite right. My lower lip went to the same place as it did before I had that dental surgery a couple of summers back. Which is now the wrong place if I want to be properly enunciating.

Still, I felt relatively good about the session. We zipped through a good amount of training over the single hour as I remembered much of it with just a little prompting from Mark. I must schedule a couple more sessions over the next couple of weeks.

On a new topic, I was a king-sized dunce earlier this week. A couple of permanent postions came available at the library. Positions that I fully intended to apply for. Except for the fact that my brain kept telling me I had until the end of the week to apply. Turns out that my brain was wrong. The deadline was the beginning of the week. King. Sized. Dunce. In the slightest of defences, though, I mentioned this to a co-worker and managed to finished my story herself when I was about half-way through. Although she was not thinking of applying for any of the positions herself, she did think that the deadline was a departure from all other posted positions over the last six or eight months. Still. Dunce.

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