Saturday, July 21, 2007

Well, didn't get any of the permanent positions at the new branch. However, this kind of thing usually starts a bit of a domino effect, so there should be a couple of other positions opening up to try out for. Plus, I've got myself two full weeks of work at the beginning of August. 35 hour weeks. Which means guaranteed two-day weekends with Lynn. So that's good.

In more work-related goings on, today is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows day. The day the branches receive copies of the most anticipated book since... well, since ever. We've had e-mails reminding us that the books were strictly off-limits until launch day. I believe the phrase "serious penalties" was used (words to that effect anyway). All the regular copies will, of course, have reserves on them and not hit the shelves proper for months and months. For the Fast Read copies, though, I half-expect fisticuffs. (Fast Reads are high in demand books that you can only take out for one week with no renewals and cannot be reserved.)

It's all quite entertaining really, witnessing a book release with security measures usually reserved for foreign dignitaries and rock stars.


Alisa said...

Man, I remember the fuss that happened when they were releasing HP books back when I still worked there, and that was only...what? Book 3? Any idea how many copies you guys ordered?

Doug A Scott said...

One of the librarians guessed at a total of about 100 copies. 80 for normal circulation and the other 20 for Fastreads. I haven't personally seen any of the Fastread copies; I think they're on the shelf for about 8 seconds before they go out.