Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mutiny update. Arrr! Although we are already technically mutinying against the scurvy dogs, we are still choosing to swab decks and raisin' the mizzenmast, we have had two wee work stoppages. Three hours each, one last Thursday and the other the Friday afore that. But the land-lubbers still refuse to parley, so this comin' Friday, we will be havin' a full day's mutiny. We'll all be meetin' on the main deck at 11 bells, then marchin' to the captain's quarters and then hangin' the officers from the yardarm!

(Non-Pirate Day translation: Strike update. Although we are technically already on strike, we have chosen so far to remain open for the time being, with only a couple of three hour job actions. One last Thursday and another the Friday before. But the powers that be still refuse to return to the bargaining table so this coming Friday, we will be having a full work stoppage for the whole system. We will be meeting at the Central branch downtown, then marching to City Hall for a rally. Anybody in the area interested in helping out woefully underpayed library workers, please come join us on Friday. Arrr.)

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