Monday, May 4, 2009

A sort-of post

So, once again, I return briefly to my woefully ignored blog.

As I seem to have little to say here (I really need to work on that), for the time being I will be posting links here to the blog I do contribute to every once in a while, at Hardcore Nerdity. This past weekend, I contributed to an ongoing feature called "Soundtrack Sundays", where HcN grand poobah Jonathan Llyr talks a little about a soundtrack of his choice, along with accompanying YouTube clips of the music.

I got to write one up myself, detailing the history of the "Doctor Who" theme song, for reasons given in the post.

Have a gander.

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Anonymous said...

Harcore Nerdity. Buah ha ha, that's funny. So I'm taking this as you are a nerd and you may be able to help me with this. But my glasses broke, right down the middle, the lousy bastards, and for some odd reason the old wrap tape around the nose didn't work. What did I do wrong?... not that it really matters anymore seeing as in a brief moment of smarts I may have decided to try and, uh, melt my glasses back together and killed them worse. LOL! I'm such a lousy geek. Who knew plastic would melt so fast.

... alright, I'm off to snoop on someone elses area.