Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Day one of our holiday was on Sunday, April 8. Lynn and I got up at the crack of dawn (or close to it, anyway) and headed downtown to board the bus that took us to the ferry, onto the ferry, then off the ferry to downtown Vancouver. We had a pleasant enough breakfast of scrambled eggs and meaty accompaniments on the ferry.

The bus station in Vancouver is only a brief walk from Science World, which was our first destination. The usual interactive sciencey stuff was available and fun was had with those. According to one exhibit, it turns out that Lynn has a much stronger grip than I do, but then I beat her at the wheelchair race simulation. The machine that lets you move a ball with your brain's theta waves was unfortunately not fuctioning, though.

There were two featured exhibits while we were there. One to do with the human body and its functions, another about chocolate. We were each given a Purdy's hegdehog chocolate when we paid for our tickets. Nice.

The chocolate exhibit was mostly displays about how chocolate is made, from cocao beans through to bar format.

The body exhibit had a lot of the usual ick, including displays of implants. Especially creepy was the artifical eye section, although the artificial hips and the like were more interesting. And then there was this:

A breast implant and a testicular implant together in the same box. Thus representing the two human body parts that men care about the most.

After a quick bite of lunch at the Science World's very noisy Triple O's by White Spot (note to self; holiday Sunday = insane amount of kids at Science World), we caught the end of the "LocoMotion" program, where a staff member demonstrates the laws of physics with folks from the audience. Here's the end of the "conservation of energy" demo:

After wrapping up at Science World, we caught the SkyTrain and headed off to the Vancouver Delta Suites, the nicest hotel we have ever stayed in. To read all about it, tune in next time...

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