Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Deep breaths, dammit. Deep breaths...

There are a couple of permanent part-time positions coming up at the downtown branch of the library and my interview for them is imminent. Less than half an hour, actually. It's not a big deal if I don't get it, I'm getting plenty of auxiliary hours, but it'd be nice to have a regular schedule, not to mention benefits. And vacation time. Ooooh, vacation time. Still, though, currently doing well.

But, even though it's not a big deal, I'm still a big ball of anxiety. Okay, maybe a medium-sized ball of anxiety. My heart's beating faster that it really needs to and I'm all fidgety. I know I can do the job and I know I have a firm grasp on policy and procedure... It's just that "selling myself" thing. That just gives me the willies.

I should've taken a Gravol or something to calm myself down. Planned to, actually. In fact, I can clearly visualise the box of Gravol sitting on the bathroom counter at home right this moment. Can I have a "D'oh!"?

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