Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I didn't manage to wear anything green, but we did do something for Saint Patrick's Day on Saturday.

Our friend Kathleen's birthday is on the 21st, but instead of getting her a gift, she wanted us to join her and her significant other Brian and a couple of other friends at the Central Bar and Grill downtown for a performance by Jim Byrnes and his blues band. (You know, the guy from "Wiseguy" and "Highlander: The Series".)

The music was entertaining enough, but the real thrills came from watching those around. A lot of increasingly drunk bar patrons who were just enough past their prime for it to be truly embarrassing when they started shaking their moneymakers. Folks who really should know better flailing their arms in a most uncoordinated fashion. There was much giggling from Lynn and myself. Especially when that one lady fell over. I kid you not. She and her beau are "rockin'" away and suddenly, WHUMP, she's on the floor. She wasn't hurt or anything, mostly embarrassed. Oh, and none of this was anywhere near the actual dancefloor. And some people wonder why I don't drink...

Still, I'd rather be surrounded by happy drunks than the type who appeared in my last post.

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